Covermade® Comforter - Easy Bedmaking

Covermade® Comforter - Easy Bedmaking

Easy bedmaking for everyone!

Covermade has made a dreaded chore in the morning so easy. The elastic design is so simple and so genius! At night the covers never shift nor is anyone able to steal your covers anymore.

- Lindsey, Verified Customer


Covermade® Comforter - Easy Bedmaking

Covermade® Comforter - Easy Bedmaking

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Patented, clever elastic design keeps covers in place and allows you to make your bed in less than 10 seconds

Covers stay in place all the time. No need to remake your bed again and again.

Adjustable length elastic adjusts to be as loose or snug as you like. That means there is no way you will ever feel confined or restricted. You set the length to suit your comfort!

Adjusts to fit any mattress height

No possibility of 'cover stealing' at night. You'll sleep peacefully with your share of the covers all night.

100% breathable cotton with a sateen finish ensures the comforter is long lasting, and feels great on your skin!

Machine washable for easy care

All-season weight means Covermade is neither too cold in winters, nor too hot in summers

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For a Luxurious Night’s Sleep & More Time in the Morning

Going to bed is easy. But getting out of it and making it? Not so much. And if you wake up with cold feet because your bedding fell on the floor during the night — or if you wake up shivering because your partner stole the covers — your morning is about to be rough!

Covermade’s Comforter makes your life easier by keeping you comfy while you sleep and helping you make your bed faster than ever before, so you have more precious minutes to ensure your day is off to a great start.

The Benefits?

Make Your Bed In 10 Seconds

The patented elastic design keeps covers in place at all times, so you don’t need to remake your bed every morning.

Stay Warm, Without the Fight

‘Cover-stealing’ at night is now a thing of the past. Enjoy peaceful sleep with your fair share of the covers.

Move Freely & Adjust Easily

Elastic is adjustable to suit your comfort preference. Make it more loose or more snug, whatever you like!

Sleep Fresh, Every Season

100% breathable cotton shell and all-season weight guarantee you feel just the right level of warmth all year round.

So Silky & Oh-So-Smooth

Snuggle up in luxury and feel the smoothness of the cotton sateen finish on your skin thanks to the 300 Thread Count fabric.

Bed Making Made Easy with

Ingenuis, Patented Design

Bedding Doesn't Fall Off The Bed

Elastic is connected to the comforter and hidden under the mattress, keeping the covers perfectly in place.

Covers Stay In Place

No more waking up to a tangled mess of covers lying on the floor!

As Snug Or As Loose As You Want

Ultra-stretch elastic can be adjusted to fit any mattress height and suit your personal preference

Smart Features to Keep You Covered

Box Construction

Quilted boxes balance the filling and prevent it from bunching
up. The filling remains evenly distributed throughout the comforter, preventing “cold spots” that let warmth leak out.

Fill That Feels Good

Hypoallergenic, down alternative fill eliminates any risk of allergic reactions and prevents the development of bad odor. It’s also extremely comfortable, and helps our bird friends stay feathered and undisturbed.

Machine Washable

Easy to wash and durable enough to keep you comfortably warm for seasons to come. Simply follow the care instructions to easily clean your
comforter using your washer and dryer.

5-Star Hotel Bed in 10 Seconds

See the Covermade® Comforter in Action!

Product Specifications

Available in 3 sizes and 11 colors to seamlessly match your bedroom decor. Click the buttons below to learn all the details.
  • Twin 68" x 88",
  • Full/Queen 88" x 92",
  • King 94" x 104”
Almond Butter, Graphite, Ivory Mist, Natural, Pewter, Sandalwood, Twilight, White, Navy, Plum, Blush Pink
0EKO-TEX® certified, ultra soft shell is made of 100% breathable cotton and features 300TC Cotton Sateen finish
Allergy-friendly, hypoallergenic, down alternative polyester fill
United States of America
  • Spot treat any stains.
  • Connect the Covermade elastic (velcro) before loading it into the washer.
  • As with any comforter, due to their bulk and size, only use a standard to large capacity washing machine. Do not use an apartment size/stackable washer unit.
  • Machine wash cold, delicate cycle.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Place the comforter loosely into the machine.
  • Pro tip: run a lint roller over the comforter prior to laundering to remove any loose fuzz/lint. This is better for your washing machine too!

  • Tumble dry. Use LOW heat only. It is best to dry longer, on low heat. DO NOT use high heat.
  • As with any comforter, due to their bulk and size, use a standard to large capacity dryer. Do not use an apartment size/stackable washer unit.
  • Remove the comforter from the dryer periodically to fluff and reposition to eliminate “wet spots”.
  • Remove promptly once dry.
  • If desired, you can use a steamer or the steam setting on your iron to smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Dry cleaning is not recommended for your comforter. However, if you'd rather have a laundering service wash and dry your comforter, you could take it to a cleaners that has 'wash and fold services' and have them launder per the instructions.
7-Night Risk-Free Trial – 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Superior Comfort & Design

See why Covermade’s Comforter is the obvious choice for you and your bedroom

  • Other Comforters
  • Patented Adjustable Elastic
  • Ultra-Breathable Cotton
  • Fresh & Cozy Every Season
  • 10-Second Bed Making
  • Machine-Washable & Durable
  • Covermade® Comforter



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7-Night Risk-Free Trial

Our Customers LOVE Making Their Beds –You Will Love Too!

Life changing and so comfy!

I found this Covermade Comforter while searching for new bedding and decided to try it, and OH MY GOD. The comforter (and even the sheets!) did not move one bit during the night!!! In addition, it's the perfect temperature.

- Jamie, Verified Customer

This comforter is a game changer for cover stealers!!

"Since having Covermade, making the bed is so much quicker and easier than I ever thought it could be. I highly recommend this for anyone, it just makes your nights and mornings better!"

- Eti, Verified Customer

Easy bedmaking for everyone!

"So good! I’m such a restless sleeper and a lazy morning person so this is the perfect solution. So simple but absolutely genius. The elastic doesn’t make you feel confined at all which I loved. Perfect for the middle schooler through young adults in your life who is NOT a morning person!"

- Ashley R., Verified Customer

Easy bedmaking for everyone!

Besides being really good quality, this product literally made my daily life easier! I ordered for my daughters bed. Now, my 5 year old is happily making her own bed everyday and is so proud of herself. She was never able to before because she is a bed thrasher... pillows, sheets and comforter would be a tangled mess every morning. NOT ANY MORE!.

- Shannon, Verified Customer

Try It Risk-Free for 7 Nights

You have an entire week to sleep and effortlessly make your bed with the Covermade® Comforter. If you don’t absolutely love it, return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

Free Shipping Over $100 & Free Returns

Free shipping over $100 is included with every order. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it for free within the 7-Night Trial, and we’ll cover the cost.



7-Night Risk-Free Trial

The World's Fastest and Happiest Bed Makers

See why customers love the Covermade® Comforter

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Others Have Asked

The Covermade® Comforter eliminates the nuisance of making your bed in the morning by helping you make your bed in just 10 seconds! The patented design of the adjustable elastic allows you to keep your bedding in order, without having it fall on the floor or disorganizing itself into a tangled mess while you sleep. The elastic is easily adjustable so you can choose how loose or how snug you want your comforter to fit. As a result, your covers stay in place, and you stay comfortable, never feeling like your body is confined or restricted.

The elastic is connected to the comforter. Once you adjust its length using the adjustable velcro, lift your mattress and slide the elastic underneath. The elastic will loop under your mattress, staying hidden while keeping your comforter and bedding perfectly in place.

The Covermade® Comforter is designed to be used with or without a top sheet – it’s up to you! To keep your comforter fresher in between washes, we recommend using a top sheet. The comforter’s elastic will then simply go around it, keeping your entire bedding set nicely in place.

We respect the resourceful thinking, but it’s not that easy! Trust us, it took years to master the design so that it doesn’t rip or fall apart. Our ultra-stretch elastic is sewn onto the underside of the comforter during the manufacturing process in a specially designed anti-rip panel. This panel ensures that the elastic won’t pucker or damage your bedding. Not to mention, the elastic needs to be easily adjustable, so you always have enough room to stay comfy and cozy all night long. Our elastic design meets all those requirements and that’s why it’s patented (US PATENT 8566983).

Elastic is connected to the comforter and hidden under the mattress,keeping the covers perfectly in place.

All materials used in the Covermade® Comforter are hypoallergenic. Stay comfortable with peace of mind!

Covermade® Comforter is made with premium down alternative filling that’s hypoallergenic, family-friendly, and cruelty-free. You can rest well, without the guilt, knowing there were no animals hurt in the manufacturing process. Our down alternative filling also eliminates the risk of bad odor that’s common in many comforters after a certain period of time.

We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! You have an entire week to try your Covermade® Comforter. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 7 days of delivery, and we will give you a full refund.

Yes! Your Covermade® Comforter order qualifies for free shipping as it's over $100.

Effortlessly Beautiful & Comfortable, At All Times

Experience Our Easy Bed Making Comforter

The patented elastic design will save you hours every month. Our ultra-breathable cotton & premium hypoallergenic filling will keep you fresh & cozy year-round. Covermade is the perfect way to start and end the day!



7-Night Risk-Free Trial

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