Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Covermade Bedding Products are machine washable and easy to care for!

Care Instructions for Self Laundering:


  • Spot treat any stains.
  • As with any comforter, due to their bulk and size, use only a large capacity commercial size washer and dryer.
  • Connect the Covermade elastic (velcro) before loading into washer.
  • Set the washing machine on a delicate, cold-water setting, do not bleach.
  • Place the comforter loosely into the machine.


  • Tumble dry, use low heat only. It is best to dry longer, on low heat.
  • Use a large capacity, commerical size dryer.
  • Remove the comforter from the dryer periodically to fluff and reposition to eliminate “wet spots”.

If you prefer, you can also professionally dry clean your comforter.

Should you have any questions about caring for your comforter, do not hesitate to contact us at:

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