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Cutting edge, ultra-stretch elastic design keeps covers in place for fast, easy bed making, every day!

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Keep covers in place.

Eliminate cover stealing.

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With Covermade you can easily keep your bed made every single day, and put an end to the cover war at night! Covermade’s ultra-stretch hidden elastic is easily placed under your mattress, keeping the comforter and sheets where they belong. Not only can you make your bed faster than ever, Covermade comforters are designed to eliminate cover stealing, so you can get a much better night’s sleep. Available in hypoallergenic down alternative fill.

Twin 68" x 88"
Full/Queen 88" x 92"
King 94" x 104"

product details

  1. The clever elastic design allows you to make your bed in less than 10 seconds. That means, it’ll require almost no effort to fix your bed in the morning. (It’ll be easier than brushing your teeth)
  2. Covers stay in place all the time. That means, no need to remake your bed again and again. Just set it and forget it
  3. No possibility of “cover-stealing” at night. This means, you won’t be “exposed” or woken up in the middle of the night ever again. (Instead, you’ll sleep peacefully, with your share of the comforter on you at all times)
  4. Made with 100% breathable cotton: this ensures it’s easily washable, long-lasting and feels extremely comfortable on your skin
  5. Length of elastic can be adjusted to fit any size of mattress. That means, you’ve no reason to worry if it’ll fit your mattress or not - because it 100% will
  6. Uses Baffle Box Construction - so the filling inside doesn’t reorganise itself, leaving little “voids” in certain areas. That means, the comforter never has those “cold spots” which lets the heat leak out. (It always stays warm and cozy)
  7. Length of elastic can be adjusted to be as loose or as snug as you wish. That means, there’s no way you can ever feel confined or restricted inside the comforter. (Just set the length to suit your needs and enjoy the comfort)
  8. Built to have all-season weight, so that it’s neither too hot in summers, nor too cold in winters. You can snuggle up inside the comforter all year long - and you’ll always feel perfectly cozy
  9. Filled with hypoallergenic, down alternative fill, so there’s no chance of allergic reactions, or the development of “bad odor” after a certain period of use
  10. Machine washable: it cleans easily in any regular washing machine - and there’s no chance of damage to the fabric or filling
  11. Comes in 3 sizes and 8 stylish colors, so you can get the perfect match for your taste and size of bed 12. Covermade’s cutting-edge, ultra-stretch elastic design is patented, so you can’t ever find a comforter like this anywhere else. Not now, not ever.

Ultra stretch elastic designed for easy bed making
Patented elastic design keeps the covers in place while never feeling confining. Adjusts to fit all mattress heights, including pillow top

Year-round weight 
Medium weight = cool enough in the summer yet warm enough in the winter

100% Breathable Cotton Shell
Ultra soft shell is made of 100% breathable cotton for your comfort

Silky Soft 300 Thread Count
With a luxury cotton sateen finish, this fabric will produce a slight shine and is silky smooth to the touch.

Hypoallergenic Fill
Allergy-friendly, down alternative polyester fill

Box Construction
Keeps fill from shifting and eliminates cold spots

Machine Washable

Select a Color

Almond Butter, Graphite, Ivory Mist, Natural, Pewter, Sandalwood, Twilight, White

Select a Size

Twin 68" x 88", Full/Queen 88" x 92", King 94" x 104"


Life changing!

Life changing! I always wake up in the morning with a pile of covers and sheets since I tend to move a lot at night. Covermade is an absolute game changer my husband calls it magical. The graphite color is beautiful and fits with my neutral decor, size is perfect for king. I went out of my usual and ordered graphite verses white and I’m so glad I did! If you love the look of a made bed all the time this is for you. Shipping was super fast too!

So comfortable and cool

So comfortable and cool. Fits perfect on my King bed. Love how it stay tucked and so easy to make in the morning, especially when you are one of thos that makes the bed every morning.
I’ve ordered 2 and I know all my kids and grands will be getting one for Christmas. No more bedding on the floor.

I loved the look and feel of it so much

Received my first order yesterday! Shipping was fast. I loved the look and feel of it so much I immediately ordered one for my son’s bed. I’ve always been the type of person to make my bed as soon as everyone is up. This just made it so much easier!

I love our new Covermade comforter!

My 7 year old and I love our new Covermade comforter! My home office is my bedroom these days, so it’s important for me to keep it organized. My Covermade makes it so easy to pull the room together in the morning. Thank you!

SUPER comfortable

I am super busy as a business owner and am generally clean. I know making the bed doesn’t take super long, but I just never get around to it unless it’s later in the day and I walk in the room to fix it. This comforter has changed the game! No longer have to worry about making the bed, and not to mention they are also SUPER comfortable. I will def be getting some for the guest rooms in my house! My fiance even said that she feels like we’re sleeping in a super high-end hotel every night due to these comforters, and our dogs seems to have gotten more comfortable (if that was even possible) so I know it’s great!

Never Remake Your Bed Again!

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