What Type of Cleaner are You?

What Type of Cleaner are You?


There are a few types of people when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy.

We’ll talk about a few of these types in this week’s blog.

The Constant Cleaners

  • They use CoverMade® comforter sets to make their beds in seconds.
  • They keep a sponge in the shower and wipe the walls down while they shower.
  • They have the kids use paper plates often.
  • Every season they purge unused/unwanted items.
  • They constantly keep on top of clutter, managing it a little day by day instead of letting it all pile up.
  • They keep Windex wipes and bleach wipes under every sink so they are always handy.

Clean But Messy

  • These people don’t like dirt or germs but don’t mind clutter and a bit of disorder.
  • They may have clean laundry in the basket, but it may not get folded before its worn again.
  • They are big on clean, disinfected bathrooms and kitchens but they leave out daily use items for easy access.
  • They tend to leave a trail around the house, even as they clean.
  • They thoroughly clean the kitchen counters at least once a week.
  • The clean counters are instantly covered by pots and pans and plates.

The Party Cleaners

  • They only deep clean when people are coming over.
  • They’ll schedule a party *just* to get the house clean.
  • They need pressure to perform.
  • They love a clean house, but just can’t seem to get it done on a regular basis.

There is something to be learned from each of these types. Shop today for a CoverMade comforter and say goodbye to time consuming bed making! Save $40 on your first purchase.

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