The Testimonial That Left Me Speechless: Covermade Helping the Disabled

The Testimonial That Left Me Speechless: Covermade Helping the Disabled


I never thought I’d hear a testimonial about Covermade helping someone disabled and in medical need.

Until I reached out to Mary…

See, a few years ago, we started noticing Mary as a consistent, repeat buyer through Brookstone. I wanted to reach out to her to thank her for her loyalty to Covermade, & ask for her feedback on the product and why she loved it.

However, we have agreements in place with partner channels that state we are not to reach out directly to their customers, and I would never do anything to violate those agreements.

A few weeks ago, Mary ordered a few more comforters directly from our site. Since she had been a repeat  customer through Brookstone since 2015, I immediately recognized her name while glancing through our order feed.  So now, I could finally reach out directly to her.

The story she was so kind to share with me was definitely one I never expected. Mary shared with me that she has a disabled adult daughter, Allyson, who lives in a group home. Her daughter was severely injured several years ago because she tripped over her bedding trying to get out of her bed alone. She broke her shoulder so badly, she had to have surgery. ?

We emailed back + forth and Mary told me that Covermade has been a  “perfect solution” and even a “God send”.  Now they don’t worry about Allyson being alone at night and getting entangled in her bedding.

She even went on to say that her daughter’s physical therapist was impressed with Covermade and thought it could help with elderly or confused individuals to ensure they don’t become entrapped in bedclothes.

How great is that?

I often hear testimonials from customers about how Covermade helps with:

  • Easy bed making
  • Saving time in the morning
  • Keeping bedrooms looking great
  • Getting kids to make the beds

So when I heard from Mary, her reasons for loving Covermade literally left me speechless!

Most of you know I created Covermade because I wanted to simplify a daily chore. I wanted improve an industry (comforters) that has been producing the ‘???? ??? – ???? ???’ for 100+ years. My goal was easy bed making, and better function.  I never imagined being able to help someone in need on this level. As an inventor, it really meant so much to me that Covermade was able to help this family in such a meaningful way!

Yesterday, I emailed Mary to ask if she minded if we shared her story and she said,

“It is fine with me if you use our story. It might be of help to others!”

Thank you Mary, for sharing your story! ❤️

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