The Perfect Nap

The Perfect Nap

We at Covermade® are openly pro-nap! We’ve been covering (pun intended) naps in our last blog and we’ll continue in this blog by talking about the perfect nap.

The Length of the Perfect Nap

According to WebMD, Naps are usually  split up time into three categories

– Naps up to 20 minutes are considered cat naps or power naps and are considered good for memory.

-Naps between 30 and 60 minutes are good for decision making and memorization of words.

-Naps between 60 and 90  minutes give your brain a chance to cycle through an entire sleep cycle and this is the best kind of nap for problem-solving.

The best nap of all, in our opinion, is the from which your wake up on your own, not with dogs barking or children fighting. The nap where you wake up and get to lay there not knowing how long you’ve been asleep and you get to just lay there enjoying the moment of relaxation before you get to resume your activity. 

Types of Naps

According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are three types of naps.

Planned Naps- These are naps you take when you know you’ll be up late, so you are not actually sleepy when you lay down.

Emergency Naps- When you just can’t keep your eyes open, you can grab this kind of nap, otherwise known as a cat nap.

Habitual Naps- These are naps you take on a regular basis at the same time each day.

We’ll leave you with the recommendation of crawling under a Covermade® comforter set and grabbing a nap. Covermade comforters make it easy to cover your tracks by making getting the bed made again as easy as it can be! Shop today and get $40 off your first order.

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