Take a Nap with Covermade®

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with reasons that napping is good for you, should it. It feels good, isn’t that enough? For most of us, this is enough, and we don’t need any reason, just the time! Given the chance, anyone over the age of ten will gladly slip under the covers to catch some z’s. But now we have science on our side!

The Benefits

-According to an article on the web site of the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of napping include “relaxation, reduced fatigue, increased alertness, improved mood, improved performance, including quicker reaction time and better memory.”

-It would be hard to argue with these results, they are from the experts at the Mayo Clinic, plus well, we love napping so would never argue with them!

Cover your Tracks

-Sometimes the best part of nap is the fact that you shouldn’t be napping so be sure to keep your guilty pleasure a secret by covering your tracks.

-Covermade® comforter sets make this part of napping easy because our comforters make making the bed a snap.

-Our specially designed comforters have a wide elastic band that holds the foot of the comforter in place so you need only to snap the top up into place, fluff up your pillow, and go about your business, refreshed!

The length of your nap makes a big difference in the quality and benefits of your nap. We’ll cover this topic in our next blog, which we’ll write….right after a nap! While we are napping, you should shop for a Covermade stay-put comforter set so you can nap well and cover your tracks!

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