Is Interrupted Sleep Ruining Your Nights?

Sleepless Nights

-Do you ever have one of those nights when you just keep waking up?

-Maybe you’ve set your alarm extra early to not miss your flight and you wake up every hour fearing you’ve overslept. You end up so tired you’re day of traveling turns into an epic journey.

-Maybe your baby has been sick and you keep thinking you hear them coughing only to strain your ears to hear only the clicking of the clock.

-Maybe it the room temperature is too cool to sleep without  the weight and warmth of your blankets and comforters keeping your warm but your partner keeps stealing the blankets.

Cranky Days!

-If you are like me, you finally fall into a deep sleep shortly before the alarm goes off and get up feeling like a cranky lion, with a quick roar for every minor disturbance.

-It might be a little comforting that your crankiness has a solid scientific basis.

-A recent study from Johns Hopkins Medicine has shown that interrupted sleep is worse for your mood than little overall sleep.

Sleep Cycles

-It takes time (about 90 minutes) for your body to go through a full sleep cycle and if you are waking up more frequently than every 90 minutes, chances are you are not reaching the restorative REM part of the sleep cycle.

-If you have several nights in a row of interrupted sleep, you can be headed for symptoms of sleep deprivation.

Covermade® Can Help!

-While we can’t help with anxiety over missed alarms or sick children, we can do what we do best, and that is making stay-put comforter sets.

– Covermade stay-put comforter sets  can put an end to your comforter migrating to your partner’s side of the bed over and over through the night.

-Our specially designed comforters have a wide elastic band that holds them in place.

– The elastic has been carefully chosen to be tight enough to hold the comforter in place, but loose enough to allow your feet to be comfortable. 

Shop Covermade today for your stay put comforter set and get a good night’s sleep! Get $40 off on your first purchase.

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