Housekeeping Made Easy with Covermade®

Housekeeping Made Easy with Covermade®


We know that cleaning the house is something that few adults enjoy doing. Nevertheless, it’s one of those things, like paying bills and getting your car’s oil changed that you know you have to do or face the consequences. Sure, there won’t be a man pounding on your door to repo your house if you skip the vacuuming, but you’ll know you skipped it and if you are also the type of person who just feels better when the house is clean and tidy, you’ll just know and won’t like it. We can’t help you pay your bills, but we’ve put together some tips to help you get your adulting done when it comes to housekeeping.

Boogie Your House Clean

  • If there is a fun way to clean your house, it is to do it with some upbeat music.
  • Whether you are blasting your jams through so you’ve got the neighbors wondering why they were not invited to your party or you’ve got your earbuds in and your iPod on your workout playlist, music makes it fun.

Clean By Area

  • Many of us tend to wander around cleaning.
  • We walk the magazines to the coffee table and then tidy up there for a few minutes before wandering back into the other room.
  • Don’t! Stay in the room you are cleaning.
  • If you have things to deliver to other parts of the house, toss them into a designated laundry basket and you can end your cleaning by making rounds to those rooms.

Bedroom Specifics

  • One way to make your room look clean even if you have a laundry pile growing like a multi-colored mushroom in the corner, a made bed can make the room looks intentional.  
  • Covermade® comforter sets are specially designed to make making the bed a literal snap. You simply snap the top of the comforter up in place while the foot is held in place.

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