Down or Down Alternative?

CoverMade® stay-put bedding sets contain a comforter, down or down alternative, two pillow shams, and a duvet cover that is specially designed to accommodate the CoverMade System™ elastic. The duvet covers are made from 300 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton. They come in 10 different colors,  and one is sure to match your bedroom decor!

When you go to our shop, you’ll see that we offer down as well as down alternative and have been asked to explain the difference.


Who doesn’t love the feeling of sinking into a comforter of down? Or being covered up by a comforter that provides the perfect warmth in the winter, and is light and breathable in the summer? Down is from birds, and is found under the main feathers. It is fluffy and soft and acts as an insulator as well as weather protection for birds. Our down comforters are made of duck down and offer a wonderful softness. Down comforters have kept people warm and cozy for hundreds of years and each comforter can last for decades, such is the durability of natural down.

Down Alternative

Down alternative has all the great qualities as the natural down comforters, the lightweight warmth, and durability. It also has some advantages. One of the greatest advantages is that it is hypo-allergenic. It is hypoallergenic because allergies that are caused by down originate in the ‘dust’ that is found in birds as well as the dust mites that are often found in the dust.

Down alternative comforters tend to be slightly heavier than down, but if you are like us, you pile on extra blankets precisely for that cozy feeling.

No matter which you choose, down or down alternative you’ll be able to make your bed quickly in the morning with the CoverMade difference!

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