12 Tips to Increase Happiness in the Home

Your home should be your safe space. After a long day of work, it’s an escape from your coworkers or manager. After a day of running errands, it’s a place to relax and practice some self-care. After a vacation, it’s a familiar place to lay your head. 

Make sure your home is bringing you the comfort and joy that you deserve. To help, Apartment Guide created a visual to help you bring happiness into your home. From simple but essential tasks like making your bed each morning or starting the day with a glass of water to more intentional tasks like setting a daily mantra and creating a no-work zone in your home, there are plenty of tips that you can put into practice starting today. 

Read through to identify what you are already doing (like making your bed in minutes with easy bed making Covermade comforters) and what you can improve upon to bring more peace and joy into your home.