Quick Fix For Wrinkled Sheets (Or Clothes)

Ask Your MotherWhen it comes to laundry and little cleaning dilemmas, I ask my mom. You know, like when you get a pen mark on your favorite shirt, or when you spill something on a carpet.

For carpets, mom says: “Blot first, THEN rub”. Oh, duh. That’s genius.

So, you know. Just keep calm, and ask your mom.

That’s what I do, anyway. Really, my mom knows more cleaning tricks that involve toothbrushes, baking soda, and/or Lestoil than I can count. Lestoil? Say what?! (Don’t ask, its a cleaner. And one of my mom’s secret weapons…)

I will say that I appreciate her toothbrush cleaning tips and little demonstrations NOW a lot more than I did when I was a kid, haha…

Anyway, my mom taught me one little trick to fix pretty much anything wrinkled. So try this out if you’re too lazy to iron. (Umm ironing? You mean I’d have to get out that big contraption called an ironing board?!? Nahhh!) This little trick is perfect for when you let your sheets sit in the dryer too long and they become a wrinkled mess.

Mom’s Quick Fix for Wrinkled Sheets/Clothes:

Take a clean towel and dampen it with water, and wring it out a bit. Throw it in the dryer with your wrinkled sheets (or whatever is wrinkled). The heat from the dryer and the wetness from the towel will create steam and get rid of the wrinkles. Use obvious common sense. For example, its probably a BAD idea to wet a dark red towel and throw it in with white sheets!

Depending on how “deep” the wrinkles are and how hot you can set the dryer (depending on the care instructions of the garment), it shouldn’t take very long. So instead of slaving over an ironing board for 20 minutes, you can go do something else. When its all said it done you’ve got wrinkle free sheets (or clothes) and a clean, dry towel!

Just make sure not to forget your stuff in the dryer again…. ; )

What fancy tricks does your mom have up her sleeve? They all have a few! Click here to share a tip or two with us on Facebook. 🙂



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