OurKidsMom Review: Covermade Comforter & Duvet Cover


What’s the best way to know for sure that Covermade Comforters really work?! Sleep with one for at least a week (or even just one night) and you’ll be blown away with how easy bed making can be! OurKidsMom.com, a Top 50 ranked Product Review Blog, and also a Top 50 ranked Mom Blog did a review of our Covermade “Easy Bed Making” Down Alternative Comforter, and our 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover set in satin-ey Mocha.

Lindsay, a writer and mom of 3 little ones living in Canada, tested Covermade out and she was eager to share her Covermade experience to the popular blog’s many subscribers/followers.

Check out what Lindsay’s review of Covermade here: http://bit.ly/1wsCBd8


*OurKidsMom was not paid for this review or post. Our policy at Covermade is to not participate in “paid reviews”, as we want the opinions of those evaluating the product to be completely unbiased. 




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  1. I’m just curious how the elastic works with the duvet?

    1. Hi there…yes, that is a very good question! Covermade duvet covers are designed specifically to fit Covermade comforters. The covers are manufactured/sewn with reinforced openings that accommodate the Covermade elastic. The elastic simply slides through the “slits”.

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