Behind the Scenes: Production of Covermade’s New Video

Wow…I really have a new appreciation for anyone involved with movie, news, or TV production!

Before producing the latest Covermade video, I thought, “We just need to shoot a 2-minute video. Two minutes. How long can that take? Piece of cake…right?!”

Our "voice" and on-screen talent NIKI WEIRICH Voiceover Artist/News Anchor
Our “voice” and on-screen talent
Voiceover Artist/News Anchor

Well, turns out that making even just a 2-minute video was a really time consuming process.  I had a ton of fun working with a very talented team of video professionals.  I also learned that in video production, every detail is soooo important! So, making sure to plan ahead and do your homework is critical.

Some of the fine details included:

∗ Finding/interviewing on-screen and voice talent
∗ Researching studios
∗ Writing a concise script and matching list of shots
∗ Wardrobe choice – in our case this was “pajama selection”
∗ Voice-over characteristics: Faster or slower paced? Louder or softer? What “tone/feel” should the voice have?
∗ Planning any B-roll footage or images
∗ Studio set-up and tear-down
∗ Prepping the set (steaming and ironing, painting etc)
∗ Lighting, music selection, and the list goes on…

On our shoot date we thought it would take two or three hours. (Ha, haaaa!) With prepping the set, adjusting lighting, and perfecting each shot we were pushing 6 hours by the time we left at 11:00 that night.

But, to my surprise, the most work comes after you’ve got your raw footage. That was the most time consuming work because you have to sift through hours of footage to find just the right 5 or ten second clip to match the timing of the voiceover.

The shots and the script have to match up perfectly.  Right down to the millisecond. If not, your voiceover won’t match what the people are doing in the video, and then you’ll need to re-do the shoot or the voice recording. Translation: You really want to do it right the first time!

We wanted to stay between 2 and 3 minutes. Anything longer than 3 minutes is just too long. Luckily, the final video is short and sweet – only about 2 minutes.

Have you seen the video? Take a look here. There are also some pictures from the shoot below…


photo 2











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