How “Frustration” Turned Into a Nationally Distributed Product – Behind the Scenes of Inventing with Natalie Monaco

Several years ago, my invention for easy bed making, Covermade, was not yet a product. It was just an idea, a vision. But in my mind, I could see exactly how it would work, and I could picture people using it. I could see it all wrapped up in its pretty packaging and ready to go!

But, wait…there was one problem.  Kind of a big problem.


Covermade Bedding Natalie Monaco


At that time, I had NO clue what to do next. I knew the product I created worked. I used it myself every day! But, how was I going to get presentable samples made? How do you get a patent? Who can manufacture this type of product and how do I find them? Most of all, how will I get people to listen to me, to “get it”?

I had a lot of work to do to connect the dots. And, oh, myyy there were A LOT of “dots”. (And there still are!)

But fast forward to 2015, and Covermade is now a nationally distributed product. In this 3 minute video, I share how daily frustration sparked the idea for a new product, and some behind the scenes details about the bumpy road that got Covermade to where it is today.

The one thought I hope will stay with you is this: whatever your goals are, whatever your struggles are, don’t give up!


All the best to you!


Natalie Monaco
Inventor/Founder, Covermade

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