How Covermade Started…


Covermade started with my messy bed – and a handful of safety pins.

A few years ago, my invention for easy-bed making, Covermade, was just an idea with no real existence. I had no name for it, no prototype, no brand, no manufacturer – nothing. What I did have was a very strong frustration with bed making, and a sense that there should be a product available to simplify it.

So, I decided to start experimenting. I took my comforter and started by safety -pinning different kinds of elastic bandages to it. (Yes, I mean those nude colored bandages for sports injuries). I was in medical device sales then, so I was in and out of pharmacies all the time. On my way out of a sales call, I would buy up all kinds of elastic bandages to take home and test with how they stretched and worked with my idea. I soon realized that the type of elastic that is used in bandages doesn’t really work because it loses its elasticity over time. However, it was functional for testing.

Soon I had a somewhat clear sense of how the final product would work, look and feel.  But, I really needed a sturdier construction that was professionally sewn. I had no clue how to turn this messy looking, “elastic-pinned-to-a-comforter” thing I had created into a manufactured product. I didn’t really know it then, but I had quite a journey ahead of me to get this thing developed and produced.

But, I knew it one thing for sure. It worked. I was on to something. When placed properly from the side seams, the elastic was not confining, and it didn’t show from the outside of the comforter. It was super easy to make the bed. And the proof was right there, every morning.

So, if you have an idea for an invention, explore it. You don’t want to look back one day and say, “I should have pursued that idea. Why didn’t I?”  See  “So…I have an idea for an invention…what do I do next?!?” for more.

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  1. You are such an inspiration to those who have an idea and want to see it through. Not everyone has the courage to do that. It’s been amazing to see how far you’ve come in such a short time. Not to mention more inspiration for inventors.

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