FAQ: Is the Covermade elastic removable?

Covermade Easy Bed Making Comforter Bedding Natalie Monaco

As the product developer for Covermade, I wanted to design bedding that allowed consumers to really “have it all”! It had to be:

– functional (easy bed making!)

– very comfortable (100% breathable cotton)

– easy care and mashine washable

– made from premium fill and materials

– and…affordable!

Covermade has been carefully designed to deliver all of these things. Sometimes, I’m asked about the details of the design. Understandable, since its a new idea. Here are two frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I put the Covermade elastic on a comforter I already have? 

A:  Why not just attach the elastic to any comforter? Hmmmm, that seems simple, right? I wish, but…not so much!

There are a few really important reasons why the elastic has to be carefully sewn to the comforter during the manufacturing process. Let me explain 🙂

Comforters sold today vary greatly in width and length. For example, one comforter labeled “Queen” may measure 88″ x 88″, and another may be 94″ x 96″, another, 96″x 98″ and so on.

The elastic must be sewn a specific distance from each side seam and each bottom seam depending on the dimensions of the comforter. If it is not sewn just in the right spot, it may pucker the fabric, or come off the corner. So comforter dimensions – every inch – are extremely important. Aha! Makes sense right?!


Q: Is the elastic removable?

A: Attaching the elastic to a comforter with things such as buttons, clips, snaps, and velcro all come unattached, or worse, they can rip the comforter fabric. The elastic must be sewn on permanently to work properly. It would be great if you could just attach it to any comforter! It’s been tested over and over again,  but it simply just doesn’t work. Any other way of attaching it to the comforter will come off while sleepers pull and turn throughout the night.

Think about how easily you can undo a snap or velcro with just the strength in your hands.  Now, imagine rolling over in your sleep and pulling the covers, with the strength of your entire body weight! This is why the elastic must be carefully placed and sewn to the comforter, professionally, in a durable panel that will not rip or damage the comforter.

All of products are all machine washable, so caring for the Covermade comforter and its attached elastic is easy. Just connect the elastic before you put it in the washer.

Try Covermade risk free for 30-days. You’ll love how easy it is to make the bed. Read our 100% Money Back Guarantee to see how confident we are that you will be happy with your purchase!





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