Dear Hotels: Please quit with the tightly tucked sheets!

Hotels all seem to have this “tuck-the-sheets-tight” thing going on. It’s already hard enough to relax in a bed that is not yours. Then, just when you get under the covers, you feel like your toes might go numb until you are able to kick yourself out of claustrophobia.

What is up with that?! Did all the hotels get together 100 years ago and decide that this was a good idea?

“Hmmm…here’s a great way to make our guests extremely uncomfortable…”

Maid Making Bed


What’s worse is when they take all of the covers on top of the sheets and tuck those in too, along with the sheets. I mean, really…we shouldn’t need the jaws of life to just to get in the bed.

As the product developer for Covermade, I can tell you that I hate, hate, hate tightly tucked sheets and covers! That’s why the Covermade System™ can be adjusted to fit as loose or tight as you want – so you will never feel that tight, uncomfortable feeling like you feel in hotels.

Our promise to you:

You don’t feel confined. The covers stay where they belong (on you). And, making the bed is super easy.


But talk is cheap, right? That’s where our 100% Money Back Guarantee comes in. Try Covermade risk-free for 30 days. We are confident that you will love it!

Here is a recent testimonial from a wife and mother of 2. Her husband was amazed after just one night of sleeping with Covermade:


Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 11.59.05 AM


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