Covermade in The Columbus Dispatch – “Road to Invention”

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Covermade’s journey to market was surely full of hurdles, potholes, and detours! Sometimes I look back and think about how many times it REALLY seemed easier to quit than keep going.

So, why did I keep going?!

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The answer always goes back to one thing: I believed. I wouldn’t quit, because deep down, no matter what, I knew that Covermade worked.

The way I saw it, the proof I needed was there every morning when I went to make the bed. It was almost like a daily reminder to keep going even when things seemed impossible.

This past weekend, Covermade was in the Columbus Dispatch on the cover of the business section in an article that detailed the obstacles in Covermade’s “road to invention”. The article was a great reminder to me to always look at the big picture, even when the inevitable daily struggles arise.

I am so grateful for the interview and that the Dispatch shared my journey. What has amazed me, is that the article has had over 9,500 Facebook shares…and it’s still going…whoa!

Ironically this morning I stumbled across a post about Thomas Edison and his legendary spirit of “not giving up”. Today would have marked his 168th birthday. So, I’ll leave you with his words of wisdom. These are great words to live by, whatever your goals may be!


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The only way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

-Thomas Edison

Keep trying out there. Really, you never stop trying! I know I still have lots to do!!

Natalie Monaco
Inventor/Founder, Covermade


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