CEO Blog Nation features Covermade

CEO Blog Nation featured Covermade in a story about this question to entrepreneurs:

“What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?”

While my answer to CEO Blog Nation had to be condensed, this question really got me thinking!  There are definitely a lot of things to love about being an inventor/entrepreneur. For example:

1) Doing things that once seemed so difficult, almost impossible –  like getting a patent and manufacturing overseas.

2) While I have always enjoyed sales, the level of passion I have for selling a product I created myself is exciting and satisfying on a different level.

3) The freedom to make my own schedule.

4) Seeing that “aha!” moment customers have when they first see Covermade and “get it”.

5) Hearing customers share details about how they love the product.

6) Watching the business grow and take on new heights.

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, what do you love about it? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

Click the CEO Blog Nation logo below to view the full article. Covermade is featured as #26:


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