7 Common Dreams and What They Mean

5 Common Dreams and What They Mean

I remember back around 2006,  I had these recurring dreams (more like nightmares!) that I was stuck in a falling elevator.

(Eeeeek…I know. Creepy, right?! )

Those “falling elevator” dreams seemed so real, that to this day, I still remember them!

Around the time I had those dreams, I was graduating from college, moving to Columbus, Ohio, and starting a new job. I didn’t know what the next chapter of life would bring. (And…sidenote…I definitely didn’t know that my career would morph into this wild journey of becoming an inventor!)

I did a little research about dreams lately, and since I did, my “elevator dreams” sure make a lot more sense! It was a time of major change for me which made me really uneasy, and it showed up in my dreams. (See the meaning of “falling” dreams below, #3.)

Here’s a look at 7 common dreams and what they may be trying to tell you about your life.

1. Your Partner is Cheating

  • Infidelity is the dream that haunts people the most, according to a study by Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a dream expert, author and media personality.
  • It is rarely true that an affair is actually occurring. Infidelity dreams usually symbolize a greater universal fear of being betrayed or abandoned.


2. Caught in Public … In the Nude

  • You feel vulnerable in one or more areas of your life; be it physically or emotionally
  • Can symbolize embarrassment and shame
  • If you are in the nude in the dream and feel no shame, this can indicate the complete opposite, that you want to be acknowledged or admired


3. Falling

  • Holding on to a situation too tightly in real life and may need to let go
  • Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, or unsupported
  • Slow falling can actually indicate serenity or letting go, the opposite of the out of control fast fall


4. Flying

  • You have freed yourself of something that has been weighing you down
  • Indicates how much control we feel we have in our lives, depending on how poorly or effectively the flying is done    


5. Being Chased

  • You may be running away from a problem or situation that needs your attention
  • Consider who is doing the chasing, and the meaning below the surface. For example, a monster can symbolize running from an addiction, an indiscretion or debt


6. Teeth Falling Out

  • Something in your life is drastically hurting your confidence (teeth symbolize confidence…who knew?!)
  • Can indicate there is pent up anxiety about your competence, strength, power
  • May mean you have a fear of aging or dying


7. New Baby/Pregnancy

  • Dreaming of a baby often symbolizes something new: a new idea or a new project
  • The dreamer is developing some sort of new potential



Dream interpretation can be kind of fun, but it can also be really useful to understand the deeper meaning.  What really stood out to me is that the most common dreams seem to be a big downer – and involve negative emotions. It is reported that the most common emotion experienced in dreams was anxiety, and negative emotions were much more common than positive ones. We only remember about 5% of our dreams, and usually we remember the ones that carry the most emotion. So keep in mind if all of your dreams (or at least the ones you remember) seem to be “bad” – that’s normal! 








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