Covermade Comforters - Easy Bedmaking - Down Alternative


Covermade Comforters – Easy Bedmaking – Down Alternative

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Hidden Elastic Keeps Covers in Place for Easy Bed Making •  100% Cotton  • Silky 300Thread Count  • Luxurious Cotton Sateen Finish • Machine Washable

Luxury Down Alternative 

  • Twin - 66in x 88in
  • Full/Queen - 88in x 92in
  • King - 104in x 94in

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With Covermade you can easily keep your bed made every single day, and put an end to the cover war at night! Covermade’s ultra-stretch hidden elastic is easily placed under your mattress, keeping the comforter and sheets where they belong.  Not only can you make your bed faster than ever, Covermade comforters are designed to eliminate cover stealing, so you can get a much better night’s sleep. Available in hypoallergenic down alternative fill.

Year-round weight

Medium weight = cool enough in the summer yet warm enough in the winter

100% Breathable Cotton 

Ultra soft shell is made of 100% breathable cotton for your comfort

Silky Soft 300 Thread Count

With a luxury cotton sateen finish, this fabric will produce a slight shine and is silky smooth to the touch.

Box Construction

Keeps fill from shifting and eliminates cold spots


Twin 68”x88”

Full/Queen 88”x92”

King 94”x104”



Additional information

Select a Color

Almond Butter, Graphite, Ivory Mist, Natural, Pewter, Sandlewood, Twilight, White

Select a Size

Twin – 66in x 88in, Full/Queen – 88in x 92in, King – 104in x 94in

18 reviews for Covermade Comforters – Easy Bedmaking – Down Alternative

  1. Jeanetta

    Love the pewter! It’s a perfect match for my neutral color scheme. I have had difficulties finding a comforter to fit my bed. I was pleasantly surprised that the Covermade king fits perfectly. It is so easy to make my bed now. I do t have to try to balance the comforter to make sure the sheets are covered. The comforter and sheets stay in place. I absolutely love it!

    Thanks, Covermade for having an array of colors to select from. I am ordering another comforter as a gift!

  2. Mary

    I ordered this online in white from another online store and love mine. So excited there are colors now. I am getting one one of the colors for my son’s room!

  3. Tarah

    I’m a bed linen snob and couldn’t be more pleased! I am very picky about fabrics, thread counts and overall aesthetics and comfort. I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of this comforter! I generally prefer down, but decided to try the down alternative and was not disappointed. The fabric is so soft, I can tell quite a bit of thought went into the details of this product. Overall the construction of the comforter is very well made and the packaging was wonderful! I love the ingenuity of the design and will purchase more for my children’s beds…who definitely need a little help with bed making 🙂

  4. Jessica Couch

    I got a King comforter from Covermade. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Its SO comfortable. It fits my bed perfectly & so easy to make the bed now. I got the twilight color. You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Jenn

    I love mine! It is so easy to keep my bed made with Covermade – I really have no excuse not to make it any more! It is so nice to have my bed (and bedroom!) looking good all the time now. The bottom line is, it works!

  6. Casey

    Covermade really keeps the covers in place despite my husband and I both being messy sleepers. Usually we’d wake up with the covers mostly off the bed, and a mess. The best part is that while you’re sleeping you dont even notice the elastic because it stretches so much. It really is a great design. I have a pillow top mattress and was able to adjust the elastic to fit just right. I would definitely recommend .

  7. Heather

    My family loves our Covermade comforter! I like to be bundled in a thick blanket but hate being hot at night and this is perfect! Cozy but not too hot! And it makes making my bed so much easier! I’ve recommended to all my friends and family!

  8. Isabel

    Love this comforter. No more fighting for covers. Everyone wakes up warm. Perfection!!!

  9. Kaycee

    We’ve been using this comforter a couple weeks and have loved it! It’s been so easy to make the bed, plus no one has been able to steal the covers in the night!

  10. Nicole

    This comforter is perfect! It is so soft and the quality is amazing! The elastic is genius.. it stays put but you never know it’s there! My bed always looks nice and making it is so easy! Love it!!

  11. Mallory

    I can’t get over how quickly I can make the bed in the morning! This is the PERFECT comforter, especially for a busy mom. We are also super impressed with the quality. The comforter is very soft and fits the bed perfectly.

  12. Claire Coder

    I am OBSESSED with Covermade. I love the *look* of having my bed made, but the actual making of it was never worth the interest in how good the look was. UNTIL I got a Covermade comforter. Making my bed takes seconds. It is the best of both worlds. I was first concerned that the band near the base of the bed would obstruct my movement of my legs, but it didn’t at all. It is remarkable that the Covermade even keeps my sheets in tact. Some tactile feedback – REALLY follow the directions for washing. Tumble-dry for a longggg time. I tried to speed up the process and the core got a bit shifted. Nothing that I couldn’t fix, but it would have been easier to just follow the directions in the first place.

    • Covermade

      Yes! Correct. It is tempting to hurry the drying process! But as as the directions will say for most all cotton comforters …Tumble dry LOW is best 🙂 It will dry more evenly, and come out beautifully …even if it takes longer. So Glad you are loving it!

  13. Elizabeth Boyden

    Wow! How did I live without this for so long? Easy to put on, easy to follow directions and SO EASY to make my bed now! I absolutely hate making my bed, but not anymore. It takes less than a minute each day and it’s all because of Covermade. It’s amazing how one simple change in my life has to given me so much time back. I recommend this to everyone I know!!! Can’t wait to grab a few more for my kiddos!!!

  14. Mary M.

    We have used your comforters over the past few years for our intellectually disabled adult daughter who lives in a group home near our home. A few years ago our daughter allyson got caught up in her bedclothes while trying to get out of bed during the night by herself. She fell and severed her shoulder bone. After shoulder replacement surgery we needed a way to ensure she did not get caught up in her bedclothes again. Your Covermade was the perfect solution. I first found it on Brookstone. I recently brought 2 new comforters one for her home and ours and have a spare for future use. They have been a godsend and my only wish is the twin came in a color instead of the white. Her physical therapist was also impressed with Covermade and thought it could help with elderly or confused individuals to ensure the don;t become entrapped in bedclothes. Mary.

  15. Heather

    My 12 yr old sleeps wild and his bed always looked like a tornado hit in the mornings ! I got him the Covermade in graphite and it really does keep things in place. He’s such a messy sleeper, I can’t believe how much it helps. Even when he doesn’t perfectly fix the pillows and bed up the way I’d like him too it still looks SO much better with the Covermade on.

  16. Mary

    I LOVE this comforter! I was forever picking our comforter up off the floor in the morning. With this comforter, it’s no longer a problem. It stays put! It’s the perfect weight so I stay warm and my husband doesn’t overheat. It’s a beautiful gray and soft. I’m so glad I stumbled across this company and will be ordering one for each of the beds in my home.

  17. kathleen Yizar

    Wow did not know this had been around for years Was missing out. Just as discribed and material is great

  18. Ashley Rome

    So good! I’m such a restless sleeper and a lazy morning person so this is the perfect solution. So simple but absolutely genius. The elastic doesn’t make you feel confined at all which I loved. Perfect for the middle schooler through young adults in your life who is NOT a morning person! I mean I’m 32 and I love it!

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