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How the Stay-Put Comforter Works

How Does Covermade Work?


Covermade is a comforter with an attached, hidden elastic that keeps covers in place all night, so bed making is a breeze in the morning.

Be sure to check out the image below, and watch the video at the bottom of this page to see “easy bed making” in action!

With Covermade, you can easily keep your bed made every single day, and put an end to the cover war at night. Covermade’s ultra-stretch hidden elastic is easily placed under your mattress, keeping the comforter and sheets where they belong:

Covermade Bedding by Natalie Monaco - The secret to fast, easy bed making

The Covermade comforter’s hidden elastic is  your secret to hassle free bed making.

Covermade  duvet covers are custom designed to fit your Covermade Comforter. (Duvet cover shown in Mocha.)


Watch the video below to see how Covermade:


Keeps the covers in place


Stretches with you while you sleep


Allows you to have plenty of movement at your feet


Stops your partner from stealing the covers!