CoverMade™ Can Help Your Relationship?

innovation-slide3Relationship help from a comforter?

Surely I jest.

Covermade™ stay put comforters can save you doling out, or getting grief from, your partner. We all know that being in a stable long-term relationship is good for our health. We all benefit from having a steady partner. A part of having a partner is sleeping in the same bed at night.

There can be some speed bumps in this part of the relationship.


  • Sleeping next to a snoring partner, whether they are male or female, can be a disruption to our normal sleep patterns.
  • Valuing their presence, and loving them won’t help you sleep if they sound like a lumber yard.
  • Try some ear plugs and suggest they get checked for sleep apnea.

Temperature Differences

  • Some of us love to sleep in a cold room, to better stack the warm, heavy blankets upon us for maximum coziness.
  • Others like to sleep in a warm room with one leg out of the sheet since even that makes us feel shut in.
  • Couples need to compromise and adjust blankets, and pajama choices to get along on this one.

Stealing Blankets

  • “It wasn’t me, it was you!”
  • “I don’t mean to steal the blankets – I’m asleep!”
  • “The blankets are on my side because you got hot and threw them over here!”
  • If you’ve heard, or uttered, any of these phrases, chances are you either are or live with a blanket stealer.
  • This really is a hard thing to control since the person doing the stealing really is asleep, and so not consciously choosing to steal the blankets.
  • Try the Covermade™ comforter. It’s designed to stay in place all night long, foiling blanket stealers.
  • Stopping the stealing may lead to fewer blanket entanglement (pun intended).
  • Shop today and save $40!
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