Turn Over a New Leaf with Covermade Stay-put Comforter

I used to use mental tricks to keep from losing my sanity when confronted with the mess my kids would leave in their wake. My toddler’s idea of playing with toys was to dump out a bin and see how far he could throw each one! Sure, I tried to make a game of putting them back, but sometimes I just didn’t have the energy.

I try to imagine the mess as a natural tide of life, the toys flow into high tide and then the tide turns, and I manage to keep it clean for a few days, or a whole week. Inevitably, sometimes I just can’t keep up with the tide!

This was before I resolved to keep the house in at least some semblance of order. I have turned over a new leaf! I now keep most of the toys in bins out of my toddlers clutches until I give them to him. A new bin isn’t brought out until the last bin has been refilled. It was easier to teach him the new rule that for me to to implement it. Once we both got a hang of it, life was so much easier!

Once I got the living room in order I got to turn my attention to me, for once. I started making my bed every day, I was so proud. I don’t care if my husband thinks I’m cheating by using a stay-put comforter from Covermade! It keeps everything in place all night. All I have to do is pull up the top of the comforter and the bed is made! It’s so easy, I now make my bed every day and I haven’t done that since my mother made me do it. I get to walk out of my tidy bedroom into a tidy living room to play with my young athletic artist – with a spring in my step!

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