Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine 2/2

At Covermade, we know that you love the feeling you get at the end of the day when you walk into your room and the clutter is at low tide, and your bed is neat and made, just waiting for you to curl up with your current book and have some cozy time before you fall asleep, exhausted from the day. In our last blog, we started a list of tips to help you make your morning routine smooth and efficient, and below we’ll continue with some great tips!
Prep Lunches
Take some time on Sunday to double check that you have supplies for school lunches for the whole week. Have them separated by category in the pantry/refrigerator so that the kids know where to go and can simply pick one item out of each section and have their lunches all ready to eat. Have a section for fruits and veggies. You can even have mini storage containers all set with a bit of ranch dressing in them to take along with a pre-packed snack baggie of baby carrots. Add a freshly made sandwich to the mix, and the kids can have a healthy lunch.
Take Short Cuts
One great shortcut to take in your morning is to have bedding designed to make your morning bed making routine a breeze. Covermade offers easy to make, stay put comforters. They not only stay in place through the night keeping you comfortable, but also make making the bed is easier than ever before. Covermade bedding is designed so that when you wake up the entire bottom half of the bed is made; all you have to do is pull up on the top of the covers! No more sheets or covers on the floor, and no more heaping mess of covers. With Covermade’s patented easy bed making design, you simply pull up your sheets and comforter, and everything is in place. You’ll love the feeling at the end of the day of coming to a bed that looks like room service was there. If you do it first thing when you roll out of bed you might not even remember doing it yourself, and you may be surprised when you finally make it back to your nest after a long day!

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