Tips for the Perfectly Made Bed

It’s that time of year: spring cleaning time! We have some housekeeping ideas that will keep you busy as the leaves finally pop back out on the trees. Our fascination with tidy homes and great organization starts with our beds!


Covermade® Stay-Put Comforters and Duvet Covers

  • Made with a wide elastic band sewn to the underside, Covermade comforters stay in place and keep the sheets beneath the comforter in place too. Since the bottom of the bed stays made all night, simply pulling up the top of the comforter is all that is needed to make your bed with Covermade.
  • This great product has the added benefit of holding the comforter in place during the night so you won’t be fighting with your partner about who stole the blankets from who – and you won’t have to totally remake your bed every morning!

Make the Pillows a Feature

  • There are several ways to make your bed looks spiffy and a few of these focus on the pillows.
  • Mix and matching the pillowcases to add some texture and bright colors to your bedding.
  • Use your beloved body pillow to spice up the look of your bed. Get a body pillowcase that coordinates with the rest but makes it stand out.

Starting your day off with what can be a tedious chore has its rewards. The reward comes when you head back to bed at night to find that your bed is made, looks tidy and inviting, as though some bedmaking elves paid you visit. If your bed looks neat and tidy can make your whole room look neater. It has been said that this simple task can make you feel happier.  Interesting how something as simple as making your bed can add to your overall happiness in life. Shop for your Covermade® comforter or duvet cover today.

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