How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Covermade is the home of Covermade Comforter sets and duvet covers that solve an age old problem. Our comforters and duvet covers are designed to hold your warm outer layer in place through the night, helping both you and your partner stay warm despite the best attempts of a slumbering blanket thief!  Not only do our comforters stay put through the night, they also make bed making in the morning a snap.

One topic we are sure to cover in our Covermade blog is helpful household tips. One we love to share with people is how to fold fitted sheets from a standing position, so that’s the one we’ll begin with! A fitted sheet is the sheet that goes directly on the bed, with elastic on the corners. When held up it is a rectangle with rounded corners. Your goal is have all of the corners stacking inside each other.

First put your hands into corners with the the seams on the outside.

Take your right hand and flip the the right corner onto the left corner so that it covers it.

The key here is to NOT take your hand out of the corners.

Run your free (left) hand down the elastic to the lower corner.

Flip the lower corner onto the two stacked corners in your right hand.

Then grab the final corner and flip it onto the three corners.

Shake the sheet out to straighten out any folds that have occurred

At this point, lay the sheet out and you should have a square with one big rounded corner.

Fold the rounded edge in first and then fold the remaining sheet onto that edge.

Folding it into thirds, depending on the size of the sheet of course, can make a nice, tidy folded fitted sheet to keep your linen closet at tidy as your bed, once it is made with a stay-put Covermade Comforter!

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