Get Organized With a Stay-Put Comforter

“Cleaning the house when the kids are still growing is like shoveling snow when it’s still snowing.” ~ Phyllis Diller

That funny quote is how we parents feel sometimes, but we all know that the cleaning and organizing must go on. We all have to come up with our own systems to keeping order, if not a full-time state of our homes, it’s a goal. We’re going to be writing a blog series on ideas to help motivate and inspire you in your endless efforts to keep your busy and happy home, clean and tidy.


  • Every household has its own priorities, in mine, it has always been food and clothes. Some days (ok weeks), as long as everyone has clean clothes in their drawers and there is the food in cupboards, I feel a sense of victory.
  • Find what makes you feel like you are wrestling control of your home back from the chaos of having children. For some, it may be making sure the shoes are properly corralled near the front door, for others it may be keeping the kitchen sink clean and shiny.
  • For me, it’s the bed. I admit it’s a bit of an obsession. Before I used CoverMade’s stay put comforter, I would get up and remake the bed- yes, even in the middle of the night when my snoring partner had cocoon himself in my half of the comforter. No more, with the stay-put comforter he turns but my half stays on my half and I stay asleep and I sleep all the way through the night.

Check back for the next blog for tips, and hopefully the solace of knowing you are not alone in trying to keep your house clean while the kids are growing.

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