Get A Good Night’s Sleep with Covermade®

Better Sleep with Covermade

When the alarm goes off, hitting the snooze button is like a little slice of heaven. Isn’t it so great though, when you can wake up easily, feeling well rested and ready to face the day? Not to mention hitting the snooze button too much can lead to rushed mornings where you feel don’t feel best prepared for the day.

Many things can interrupt that deep, quality sleep we all crave. For one thing, having your partner steal your covers can be disruptive to your sleep. You get cold and wake up, and maybe you even get up and wrestle the covers back, sort of “remaking” the bed, no matter what time it is. When this happens on a regular basis it can take its toll. When your sleep gets disrupted it can be hard to get back to sleep, and sometimes it’s impossible, and when that happens both your physical and mental health can suffer.

Sleep Hygiene is the group of habits that contribute to good sleep. We’ve come up with a list of good habits to practice.

Save the Bed for Sleep

  • Reserve your bed for sleep and sex, nothing else.
  • Don’t watch TV or do the Sunday crossword puzzle in bed.
  • These activities will train your brain that being in bed is a time to be awake.

Go on an “E-free” Diet

  • For one to two hours before bedtime, avoid any electronic stimulation. This means no phone, no tablet, no laptop. The light of some electronic devices simulate daylight and this can have an adverse effect on your circadian rhythm.
  • Unplug, or cover up all the little lights from electronics in your room.

Get Rid of Mid-night Distractions

  • If the cat or dog is waking you up, put him or her in another room for the night.
  • If your partner is stealing the covers, try Covermade bedding set with a stay-put comforter that keeps the bedding in place all night.


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