Covermade® is Making News!

The great product from Covermade® was recently featured on a segment of Made Local / Stay Local Fox 28 / ABC 6 in Columbus! We are proud of the outstanding local support we’ve received and hope you enjoy your stay put bedding as much as we do.

The story behind Covermade® is the story of Natalie Monaco’s perseverance to come up with a ‘better mousetrap”. In this case, the elusive mouse is something that would help her make the bed quickly and easily and help keep the covers in place during the night. Anyone who has a partner who is notorious for stealing the blankets will sympathize with her quest. Or, well, maybe we are the ones who are always stealing them though we claim self-defense in doing so.


She first looked online for a product that would facilitate bedmaking as well as keep the bedcovers in place. She found nothing so was driven to come up with something. Her ingenuity eventually leads to Covermade bedding. The secret is a hidden, well-attached wide elastic band that slips easily under the foot of the mattress. It keeps the duvet cover/comforter in place all night. Because it is adjustable elastic holding it in place you don’t have to worry about the foot of the blankets being too tight over your feet. And, since the foot of the bed stays in place you can simply pull the top of the bed covers up. 

Covermade was also featured in Good Housekeeping magazine. Watch the clip below to see more!


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