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Weekend Housekeeping Warriors

Posted May 26th, 2016 by admin

Weekends are already packed with soccer games, birthday parties and errands, how on Earth are we to be expected to clean the house on top of everything? We know it’s hard, so we’ve come up with some time-saving tips for you and your family to use to get your house ship-shape so when Monday comes you know your house can coast a few days and you can stay busy with play dates, soccer practice, more errands, and homework.

Declutter First

  • Keep a laundry basket that has been designated for clutter and fill it a room at a time.
  • If your children are old enough, one can be given the task of placing the clutter back in the bedrooms of the people to whom it belongs.
  • We consider an unmade bed clutter too since it comes down to stuff, sheets, in this case, being where they should not be, in this case all over the bed.
  • We recommend using a Covermade® Comforter Set. The specially designed comforter has a wide stretchy band that holds the foot in place so you can just pull the top up and into place and voila, your bed is made.

Have the Right Tools, and Have them Handy

  • Put everything you need in a cleaning caddy so you don’t find yourself running back to the cupboard under the kitchen sink to get cleaning products.
  • A few basic, multi-use items should be in the caddy.
  • Get two lint free cloths, one damp and one dry to do the wet dusting, a feather duster for electronics and a disinfectant.
  • Keep areas specific cleaning supplies, such as toilet cleaners in the area in which they will be used.Shop today for a Covermade® comforter set and save $40 on your first purchase.

The Perfect Nap

Posted May 25th, 2016 by admin
The Perfect Nap

We at Covermade® are openly pro-nap! We’ve been covering (pun intended) naps in our last blog and we’ll continue in this blog by talking about the perfect nap.

The Length of the Perfect Nap

According to WebMD, Naps are usually  split up time into three categories

– Naps up to 20 minutes are considered cat naps or power naps and are considered good for memory.

-Naps between 30 and 60 minutes are good for decision making and memorization of words.

-Naps between 60 and 90  minutes give your brain a chance to cycle through an entire sleep cycle and this is the best kind of nap for problem-solving.

The best nap of all, in our opinion, is the from which your wake up on your own, not with dogs barking or children fighting. The nap where you wake up and get to lay there not knowing how long you’ve been asleep and you get to just lay there enjoying the moment of relaxation before you get to resume your activity.


Types of Naps

According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are three types of naps.

Planned Naps- These are naps you take when you know you’ll be up late, so you are not actually sleepy when you lay down.

Emergency Naps- When you just can’t keep your eyes open, you can grab this kind of nap, otherwise known as a cat nap.

Habitual Naps- These are naps you take on a regular basis at the same time each day.

We’ll leave you with the recommendation of crawling under a Covermade® comforter set and grabbing a nap. Covermade comforters make it easy to cover your tracks by making getting the bed made again as easy as it can be! Shop today and get $40 off your first order.

How to Have the Cleanest Bedroom-Ever!

Posted May 23rd, 2016 by admin

Covermade® comforters and duvet covers are all about the bedroom. We cherish good nights of sleep, great naps and walking into our bedrooms after a long, busy day to see our bedrooms clean and tidy.

Make Yourself a Priority

  • The rest of the house may experience high tides and low tides of messiness but our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries of peace and calm and dare we say it, control!
  • Such islands of peace and calm don’t just happen, they are made, carved out of the mess and bad habits transformed into good habits.
  • They happen when we put our own priorities first, for even a few minutes a day.
  • The kids can wait, our partners can handle setting the breakfast table and the dog can bark, let them.
  • Give yourself a few minutes to clean your room.


What follows are some tips to help you make your bedroom your sanctuary.

Bedroom Tips

  • Put away your clothes. Transform your floordrobe back into a wardrobe by hanging up the clothes you tried on but decided against. Toss the dirty clothes in the laundry basket.
  • Clean the mirrors.
  • Toothpaste seems to magically spot the mirrors but a quick wipe will make it feel like you are getting ready for someone special to visit- wait! You are! You!
  • You are that special person and you deserve clean mirrors!
  • Make your bed. It only takes a few minutes to do so, and maybe even quicker if you have a stay put comforter from CoverMade®.
  • Covermade comforters have a wide elastic band at the foot to hold them in place so you have only to straighten the top of the bed to make it look nice.


Shop today for your Covermade Comforter set and get $40 off your first purchase.


Simple House Keeping Secrets

Posted May 16th, 2016 by admin

Cleaning Tips Recently, we’ve been covering some handy tips to help you keep your house tidy and clean. Since keeping the house clean is an ongoing task, the more tips you can apply to your tasks, the better! Some of them will be ones you try once and they just don’t work for you, and others may become part of your daily routine. We hope, of course, that you enjoy our tips and that you keep checking back for more!

Go Shopping

  • Figure out your weak points and go buy something that will help you strengthen that point.
  • If you just can’t get your bed made, try a CoverMade® stay-put comforter. The foot of the comforter is held in place so you’ll have only to pull the top into place in the morning – and pop the pillows on top – and your bed will look great!
  • If your bad habit is leaving your clothes everywhere, go get yourself a nice new hamper or laundry basket and some good, wooden or no-slip hangers to entice yourself into using them.

Be Time Efficient

  • Set a timer on your phone and turn the radio on, and bop around and clean as fast as you can. It sounds silly, but seriously, you’ll be amazed at how much you can do in just a few minutes.
  • When you are waiting for the water to boil, or waiting for the kids to tie their shoes, take that opportunity to do just one or two things that you are always putting off, such as wiping the fingerprints off the door knobs. It all adds up.
  • Keep a sponge in the shower so that when you are giving your hair time to absorb that fancy conditioner you bought, you can wipe down the shelf in the shower or the top of the frame of the glass doors.

Shop for your CoverMade Comforter and duvet cover and save $40 on your first purchase!


Housekeeping Made Easy with Covermade®

Posted May 11th, 2016 by admin
Housekeeping Made Easy with Covermade®

We know that cleaning the house is something that few adults enjoy doing. Nevertheless, it’s one of those things, like paying bills and getting your car’s oil changed that you know you have to do or face the consequences. Sure, there won’t be a man pounding on your door to repo your house if you skip the vacuuming, but you’ll know you skipped it and if you are also the type of person who just feels better when the house is clean and tidy, you’ll just know and won’t like it. We can’t help you pay your bills, but we’ve put together some tips to help you get your adulting done when it comes to housekeeping.

Boogie Your House Clean

  • If there is a fun way to clean your house, it is to do it with some upbeat music.
  • Whether you are blasting your jams through so you’ve got the neighbors wondering why they were not invited to your party or you’ve got your earbuds in and your iPod on your workout playlist, music makes it fun.

Clean By Area

  • Many of us tend to wander around cleaning.
  • We walk the magazines to the coffee table and then tidy up there for a few minutes before wandering back into the other room.
  • Don’t! Stay in the room you are cleaning.
  • If you have things to deliver to other parts of the house, toss them into a designated laundry basket and you can end your cleaning by making rounds to those rooms.

Bedroom Specifics

  • One way to make your room look clean even if you have a laundry pile growing like a multi-colored mushroom in the corner, a made bed can make the room looks intentional.  
  • Covermade® comforter sets are specially designed to make making the bed a literal snap. You simply snap the top of the comforter up in place while the foot is held in place.

Shop today and get $40 off your first purchase.

What Type of Cleaner are You?

Posted May 4th, 2016 by admin

Clean SpaceThere are a few types of people when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy.

We’ll talk about a few of these types in this week’s blog.


The Constant Cleaners

  • They use CoverMade® comforter sets to make their beds in seconds.
  • They keep a sponge in the shower and wipe the walls down while they shower.
  • They have the kids use paper plates often.
  • Every season they purge unused/unwanted items.
  • They constantly keep on top of clutter, managing it a little day by day instead of letting it all pile up.
  • They keep Windex wipes and bleach wipes under every sink so they are always handy.


Clean But Messy

  • These people don’t like dirt or germs but don’t mind clutter and a bit of disorder.
  • They may have clean laundry in the basket, but it may not get folded before its worn again.
  • They are big on clean, disinfected bathrooms and kitchens but they leave out daily use items for easy access.
  • They tend to leave a trail around the house, even as they clean.
  • They thoroughly clean the kitchen counters at least once a week.
  • The clean counters are instantly covered by pots and pans and plates.


The Party Cleaners

  • They only deep clean when people are coming over.
  • They’ll schedule a party *just* to get the house clean.
  • They need pressure to perform.
  • They love a clean house, but just can’t seem to get it done on a regular basis.


There is something to be learned from each of these types. Shop today for a CoverMade comforter and say goodbye to time consuming bed making! Save $40 on your first purchase.


Down or Down Alternative?

Posted April 27th, 2016 by admin

CoverMade® stay-put bedding sets contain a comforter, down or down alternative, two pillow shams, and a duvet cover that is specially designed to accommodate the CoverMade System™ elastic. The duvet covers are made from 300 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton. They come in 10 different colors,  and one is sure to match your bedroom decor!

When you go to our shop, you’ll see that we offer down as well as down alternative and have been asked to explain the difference.Down Feathers - Covermade Bedding


Who doesn’t love the feeling of sinking into a comforter of down? Or being covered up by a comforter that provides the perfect warmth in the winter, and is light and breathable in the summer? Down is from birds, and is found under the main feathers. It is fluffy and soft and acts as an insulator as well as weather protection for birds. Our down comforters are made of duck down and offer a wonderful softness. Down comforters have kept people warm and cozy for hundreds of years and each comforter can last for decades, such is the durability of natural down.

Down Alternative

Down alternative has all the great qualities as the natural down comforters, the lightweight warmth, and durability. It also has some advantages. One of the greatest advantages is that it is hypo-allergenic. It is hypoallergenic because allergies that are caused by down originate in the ‘dust’ that is found in birds as well as the dust mites that are often found in the dust.

Down alternative comforters tend to be slightly heavier than down, but if you are like us, you pile on extra blankets precisely for that cozy feeling.


No matter which you choose, down or down alternative you’ll be able to make your bed quickly in the morning with the CoverMade difference!

Take a Nap with Covermade®

Posted April 25th, 2016 by admin


It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with reasons that napping is good for you, should it. It feels good, isn’t that enough? For most of us, this is enough, and we don’t need any reason, just the time! Given the chance, anyone over the age of ten will gladly slip under the covers to catch some z’s. But now we have science on our side!

The Benefits

-According to an article on the web site of the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of napping include “relaxation, reduced fatigue, increased alertness, improved mood, improved performance, including quicker reaction time and better memory.”

-It would be hard to argue with these results, they are from the experts at the Mayo Clinic, plus well, we love napping so would never argue with them!

Cover your Tracks

-Sometimes the best part of nap is the fact that you shouldn’t be napping so be sure to keep your guilty pleasure a secret by covering your tracks.

-Covermade® comforter sets make this part of napping easy because our comforters make making the bed a snap.

-Our specially designed comforters have a wide elastic band that holds the foot of the comforter in place so you need only to snap the top up into place, fluff up your pillow, and go about your business, refreshed!


The length of your nap makes a big difference in the quality and benefits of your nap. We’ll cover this topic in our next blog, which we’ll write….right after a nap! While we are napping, you should shop for a Covermade stay-put comforter set so you can nap well and cover your tracks!

Is Interrupted Sleep Ruining Your Nights?

Posted April 21st, 2016 by admin
Is Interrupted Sleep Ruining Your Nights?

Sleepless Nights

-Do you ever have one of those nights when you just keep waking up?

-Maybe you’ve set your alarm extra early to not miss your flight and you wake up every hour fearing you’ve overslept. You end up so tired you’re day of traveling turns into an epic journey.

-Maybe your baby has been sick and you keep thinking you hear them coughing only to strain your ears to hear only the clicking of the clock.

-Maybe it the room temperature is too cool to sleep without  the weight and warmth of your blankets and comforters keeping your warm but your partner keeps stealing the blankets.

Cranky Days!

-If you are like me, you finally fall into a deep sleep shortly before the alarm goes off and get up feeling like a cranky lion, with a quick roar for every minor disturbance.

-It might be a little comforting that your crankiness has a solid scientific basis.

-A recent study from Johns Hopkins Medicine has shown that interrupted sleep is worse for your mood than little overall sleep.

Sleep Cycles

-It takes time (about 90 minutes) for your body to go through a full sleep cycle and if you are waking up more frequently than every 90 minutes, chances are you are not reaching the restorative REM part of the sleep cycle.

-If you have several nights in a row of interrupted sleep, you can be headed for symptoms of sleep deprivation.

Covermade® Can Help!

-While we can’t help with anxiety over missed alarms or sick children, we can do what we do best, and that is making stay-put comforter sets.

– Covermade stay-put comforter sets  can put an end to your comforter migrating to your partner’s side of the bed over and over through the night.

-Our specially designed comforters have a wide elastic band that holds them in place.

– The elastic has been carefully chosen to be tight enough to hold the comforter in place, but loose enough to allow your feet to be comfortable.


Shop Covermade today for your stay put comforter set and get a good night’s sleep! Get $40 off on your first purchase.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep with Covermade®

Posted April 19th, 2016 by admin

Better Sleep with Covermade

When the alarm goes off, hitting the snooze button is like a little slice of heaven. Isn’t it so great though, when you can wake up easily, feeling well rested and ready to face the day? Not to mention hitting the snooze button too much can lead to rushed mornings where you feel don’t feel best prepared for the day.

Many things can interrupt that deep, quality sleep we all crave. For one thing, having your partner steal your covers can be disruptive to your sleep. You get cold and wake up, and maybe you even get up and wrestle the covers back, sort of “remaking” the bed, no matter what time it is. When this happens on a regular basis it can take its toll. When your sleep gets disrupted it can be hard to get back to sleep, and sometimes it’s impossible, and when that happens both your physical and mental health can suffer.

Sleep Hygiene is the group of habits that contribute to good sleep. We’ve come up with a list of good habits to practice.

Save the Bed for Sleep

  • Reserve your bed for sleep and sex, nothing else.
  • Don’t watch TV or do the Sunday crossword puzzle in bed.
  • These activities will train your brain that being in bed is a time to be awake.

Go on an “E-free” Diet

  • For one to two hours before bedtime, avoid any electronic stimulation. This means no phone, no tablet, no laptop. The light of some electronic devices simulate daylight and this can have an adverse effect on your circadian rhythm.
  • Unplug, or cover up all the little lights from electronics in your room.

Get Rid of Mid-night Distractions

  • If the cat or dog is waking you up, put him or her in another room for the night.
  • If your partner is stealing the covers, try Covermade bedding set with a stay-put comforter that keeps the bedding in place all night.