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The Benefits of Stay-Put Comforter Sets

The Benefits of Stay-Put Comforter Sets

Makes the chore of bed making faster and easier

Covermade helps you get your bed made quickly and with ease, so you can get on with tackling your day. And no matter how hectic your day is, you can come home to a bed that is made, and a bedroom that feels neat, inviting, and clutter-free.


Keeps covers in place

The secret to keeping your comforter and sheets in place is in the Covermade comforter’s hidden elastic. The Covermade elastic stays hidden, and is easily placed under your mattress at the foot end of the bed.

Designed for your comfort, you may customize the length, so the Covermade elastic is never too tight, or too loose.


Prevents “cover-stealing”

Does your partner steal the covers and leave you in the cold? If your partner is a cover thief, you can miss out on getting the really deep restful sleep that you need. Covermade’s hidden, ultra-stretch elastic keeps covers in place so your partner can no longer steal the covers from you. While sleeping, the ultra stretch design allows you to give the covers a good tug, so you can get the covers you need, but your partner will be undisturbed.


Helps you keep your bedroom neat and looking great

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a serene place that offers a retreat from the hassles of the day. When your bed is left unmade and messy, the bedroom feels uninviting. When the bed is made, the entire bedroom just looks so much better. With Covermade, you can easily keep your bedroom looking great every single day!